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+++Welcome to the Vaper's Dictionary+++

I intend this to be the "go-to" reference for all Vaping terminology!

To achieve this I am to going to need your help.

I intend to keep this thread maintained and as up-to-date as I can (time permitting).
I do not intend to include any brand names.
If you have any suggestions on how I can improve it, please post.
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Credits go to aussie63, 5ean, DaveJ and DogMan who all put in a lot of work on the original
OK, so, you've been vaping a while. You've tried dripping, liked the vape, but not the process? Heard about squonking?

It can be an intimidating thing to get started with. Sometimes particularly if your existing stock is cheap clones or chinese mods. The price point of a base set-up certainly puts a lot of people off.

Luckily these days, there are entry level squonkers entering the market, For around $30 USD, you can try out a non-regulated squonk box out of china to see if it is for you. For around $50 USD, you can try regulated. Or you can jump in and buy something more substantial knowing that resale of squonkers is good in holding value.

Before you go out and buy, it is best to ask yourself a few questions about what you seek in a vape. Going back a while now, squonking was a flavour chasers vape set up. REO was king, and the 1+ ohm vape that they prefer went with it on small chamber, tootle puffer RDA, or HH.357s. These days the technology has come along, as well as the supporter base both in the end-user community as well as the modder community. Along with this comes a plethora of devices that can keep up with different vaping styles, including temperature protecting VW, true mechs with added performance over the humble reo, and beginner gear at low cost.

So for tootle puffer flavour chasers, my recommendation would be the tried and trusted REO grand. RRP is around $160 USD for a base model, add a rebuild kit and a few spare parts would leave you just north of $200 USD. Stick to a 14mm atomizer. For single coil, the reomizer2 is the benchmark. Reomizer3 added dual coil capabilities.

The cheaper options are around for the flavour chasers. Focalecig sell the smokeless owl for around $30, fast tech sell the same device under the name terminator. This is a plastic non-regulated, but non-mechanical mod. It has some wiring and is sutied to humble wattages.


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