3rd party Firmware updater for Joyetech/Wismec/Eleaf mods

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    This 3rd party firmware updater will change/add new functionality to your mod & works with Joyetech/Wismec/Eleaf devices that have upgradable firmware.
    It is relatively easy to use but if you have problems using technology, then you are probably better off leaving your mod the way it is, as there is functionality that could get you into trouble.
    For most people though, it is should be pretty easy to use & understand the basic features, if you don't understand what some of the functions are DO NOT PLAY WITH THEM until you do.

    1. First you will need to go here: http://nfeteam.org/
    Click the link on that page to download the "NFE toolbox" (I downloaded v1.5) .zip file (the first link in the list).
    When it D/Ls use your unzipping program ( winzip, 7zip etc) to extract the program.
    If you do that correctly you will have a new folder called "NFirmwareEditor-v6.5.0", open that & you will see 2x Fox avatars/logos click on the one called "NToolbox.exe" & run that program(at step 3).

    2. Next go back to here: http://nfeteam.org/ & click on "Download Arctic Fox" on the next page look for "170201", this is the version that is compatible with the toolbox V1.5, if you downloaded a different version of the toolbox be sure to choose the compatible Arctic Fox firmware.
    When you find your compatible version, download the first link, which will have ".bin" on the end & not the ".zip" extension.

    3. After you have those, connect your mod via usb to your computer, then run NFE toolbox, then follow the rest of the directions on this page:

    Congrats you now have new firmware on your device :)
    Now when you have your mod connected to your computer, you can open Arctic Fox (you will have to "run" it each time) & adjust the settings on your mod from on your computer.
    This firmware adds functionality much like the DNA mods have & allows you to set parameters of your own choosing but please be careful if you do this, some of the functionality can be potentially disasterous if you do not know what it is. However there are some really cool features in this firmware, even for people that aren't fully tech savvy.

    I did the upgrade with my RX200 & added a new clock screensaver to it, so now I can tell the time from my mod :D
    I also played with the screen brightness to set it at the level I wanted it to be, rather than the factory default.
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    Great Firmware update.
    I have the Cuboid 150W and have installed it.
    Great idea of using the Toolbox for setting up and fine tuning some functions.
    I have setup a few profiles to match the tanks I have with the juice in them, so that way just change profile and all set ready to enjoy the flavour from the tank in use.
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