Anyone want to help me pick a tank?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Geek_Monkey, Jun 6, 2018.

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    Jun 6, 2018
    So, I'm relatively new to vaping. I'm currently using the Innokin TS20 and I want to upgrade. I started using the 0.8 coils and I really enjoyed the feel of the vapor and the resistance but the flavour was so very lacking. I then bought a pack of 1.5 coils because that's all my local Vape store had and... no. The flavour was better but the whole experience felt lacking and borderline exhaustive. This made me realize how much I prefer DL vaping.

    Anyway, I thinking of getting a new mod. not a kit this time. I'm thinking on the Smount Battlestar mini since it's small, cheap and has descent reviews. I don't need a 200+ mod because I'm not a cloud chaser so the 70-100w mods are gonna suit me fine.

    I'm having trouble picking out a tank though. I samples some e-juice at my local store and they were using baby beasts which I thought had a really nice flavour. But I've read a lot of people have leaking issues with the baby beasts and x-baby tanks as well as burning out coils super quick.

    I then considered a spirals tank but they're not exactly widely available and no where in my area sells replacement coils.

    I was considering learning how to rebuild a RTA but I'm much prefer just sticking with the prebuilt coils, at least for now.

    So, I'm much more concerned about flavour than clouds, I'm a DL vaper and I'm kind of on a budget. Tank capacity isn't a huge deal for me since I mostly vape at home and refilling doesn't bother me all that much. Does anyone have any suggestions? Pros and Cons of tanks would also be appreciated :)

    Thanks guys

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