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    Dec 6, 2017
    I have two problems.

    First, I am not interested in e-cigarettes. I used them to quit tobacco smoking because I am addicted to nicotine. It must be the most harmless drug known; there are very few side effects and its main purpose is to increase brain activity. So far quitting nicotine is neither possible nor desirable.

    So looking good, creating huge clouds of smoke and experimenting with different designs is not interesting. I hope that others are collectors and document the development of e-cigarettes, because I think that is a worthwhile objective. But it is not for me.

    Second, I dislike waste. My first were e-go designs and, after about a year, the batteries started failing. But because the batteries could not be replaced I had to throw out everything, including all the electronics, chargers and spare parts. What a waste!

    But because of my life style I need pen-style e-cigarettes that will fit in a shirt pocket (my other pockets are full of handkerchiefs, wallets, biros and dog poo bags). So most of the designs with separate batteries are not suitable.

    Based on other opinions, I recently got PockeX AIOs. Other than filling them, which is clumsy, they are fine, better than e-go’s because the coils last longer. But I still have the problem of throwing everything out when the batteries die. As before I got several to ensure I have at least one full and charged to swap over. Also, designs seem to last only a month or two before they are superseded and are no longer available, so to last a year I need a few and sufficient spare parts.

    Then I got an email from Heaven Gifts advertising the Artery Baton, a pen-style e-cigarette with a standard replaceable battery. Larger in diameter, almost too large, but it is nearly perfect for me. And, as the hardware should last for years, all I have to to is replace the batteries and keep using them. So I got three and sourced batteries and chargers locally. I did not discover until I got them, because it is not mentioned or illustrated, that they have a USB port and do not need a separate charger.

    What are they like?


    As above, the separate battery, easy to replace.

    Appears to be very well made and the hardware should last for ever.


    Large diameter and heavy, but OK to carry in a shirt pocket.

    More importantly, apparently designed for people who want to produce vast clouds of smoke. The 0.3 ohm coil makes it easy to overheat the liquid and a 0.6 ohm coil would be much better. As a result I had to fire it and take a quick, short breath in to use it. Even then I quite often got a burning sensation that was unpleasant. But I expect with practice I will be able to control the beast and use it successfully.

    In the mean time I have gone back to the PockeX, not because I don’t want to use the Baton but I want to use them up first. I don’t how long they will last, maybe a year, and then I will switch to the Baton and see how many years I can get out of them.
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    Jul 29, 2017
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    Hell if my ego style pens would last a year I would have been very happy. Bought two Nautalis Pods fit nice in my pocket. Fast recharge rate $40 cheaper than a packet of cigarettes. If the batteries last 3 months I will be content. Have one pod on charge the other in use no crocodile tears from me.

    I wonder if you had same pocket space issues when you smoked cigarettes?


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