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    A few weeks ago I received a CeraBis tank free for review courtesy of the manufacturer, Ceravape.
    Of course this review will be my honest opinion & in no way influenced by having received the product free of charge.
    Having tested almost all of their previous tank products, I can say that this tank is Ceravape's best design so far.
    Ceravape are committed to using ceramic as the wick in their tank products, all of their tanks are free of cotton, silica & other wicking materials, ceramic is all they use.
    I am told the CeraBis can be found at some Aussie vendor sites, I did find it here at Southerncross vapers http://southerncrossvapers.com.au/c...mic-coil-adjustable-airflow-sub-ohm-tank.html & I have seen it sold cheaper at some Chinese vendor sites.

    New coil type:

    The CeraBis, is better than their previous best designs, namely the SoTer (3 coil head subtank) & the Nano (single coil head eGo compatible tank). The Nano remains as their best tank for new vapers or MTL vapers IMO, while the CeraBis supersedes their SoTer as the best Subtank they produce.
    One of the reasons the Cerabis is better than the SoTer is due to the new type of wick & coil design employed, rather than 3 coil heads, the Cerabis uses a single coil head & is much different to the older SoTer coil heads, they definitely are not interchangeable.

    (photos to come)


    The CeraBis I received was the retail version, it comes as a Black or Stainless Steel color choice, the Black one is what I received & the coating/plating has shown no signs of wear & tear since I got it, the coating looks to be very hard wearing & durable.
    It came in a plastic display case, with the tank itself visible on top & a scratch to reveal authenticity sticker on the side. Turning the case over, on the bottom is some information about the tank & the "on/off" vapor function (more about this later).
    Opening the case, there is the tank, with drip tip (which I changed for one of my own) & a spare 0.4 - 0.5ohm coil on top, the coil inside the tank is a 0.8 -0.9 ohm coil (and the one I did all my testing with), housed in a plastic insert.
    Removing the insert, there is an instruction sheet & a bag of spare o-rings, with 2x "Rubber Cuffs", what these are for I am guessing is to sit on the top of the tank in much the same way as a vape band, however I did not use them & found their inclusion a little strange since the Pyrex glass tank is already well protected.

    (photos to come)


    Filling is from the top by unscrewing the top cap to reveal two very open fill ports, indeed you can literally pour liquid into the tank, just be careful not to get it down the center air tube (chimney).
    Although filling is very easy, this is where I did have some problems, the threading on the top cap is very fine, this makes locating the starting thread a little difficult, my advice is to reverse turn until you hear/feel the threads click into place then screw on normally. The threads themselves are smooth but because they are so fine, cross-threading is a definite possibility.
    The fine threads also cause another problem, when you screw down a top cap, if there is nowhere for air to escape, it builds pressure in the tank, fine threads exacerbate this problem & in the CeraBis this is no exception.

    Pressure in the tank, without proper juice flow control, equals juice being pushed to flood the coil/gurgles/leaks. With the Cerabis there is a minor problem with leaks when refilling, which isn't a huge issue if you are aware of it & is consistently about 3 - 5 drops of juice each time.
    I found the best way to refill is to close the "on/off" to the off position, fill the tank, replace the top cap & turn the tank upside down while holding a paper towel under the Drip Tip, then open the "on/off" to on & catch the few drops of juice that come out in the paper towel.
    If you don't do this each time, the drops will build up in the base of the tank where the AFC is & eventually leak out from the AFC slots, usually at the most inconvenient time.
    So while there is an issue, it is easily avoidable, if you are aware of it, although it still rates as a con.

    (photos to come)

    The CeraBis in use:

    I would & did take the tank apart to clean first, as I do with all new tanks/atties but the CeraBis was quite clean out of the box. There was no oil or residue I could see or smell or feel, still I recommend cleaning in hot soapy water just as a precaution. Do not wash the coil head, although you could wipe it carefully on the outside but I didn't with mine & I saw no real need for that.

    Filling for the first time, there is no need to use the filling method I described above, that added pressure in the tank serves to prime the wick, making the CeraBis "fill & vape" capable right out of the box, no waiting around for coils to prime.
    When you take the tank out of the box, it will be in the closed "off" position, in this position you could be forgiven for wondering where the glass tank is, to see it you need to lift the tank body into the open "on" position. What this does IME, is close & open the airflow completely, while also adding a very good way to protect the glass with a SS metal "shield".
    Unfortunately, it doesn't prevent pressure building in the tank as well as would be expected, since the juice flow control is ineffective & over use of the "on/off" feature may actually cause pressure to build in the tank/leaking.
    Had the JFC worked correctly, I believe this feature could have made this tank very travel friendly when flying for example, it still may although I have not had an opportunity to fly with the tank to test it but given the filling issue I don't believe it would.

    As mentioned the CeraBis has JFC but it is not fully effective, the outer slots on the JFC are too large, with the metal remaining too little to completely cover the inner slots. This means the juice flow can not be fully restricted, which is part of the reason for leaks at refill time.
    During testing, when vaping, I found the JFC did restrict the flow of juice a little, when fully "closed" (which it really never is) & could cause dry- ish hits when chain vaping but that is not what JFC is for & I think CeraVape really missed the mark with this feature.

    Using just the 0.8 - 0.9 ohm coil head, the CeraBis wins out over even my Griffin RTA with a dual clapton 0.3 ohm build, in the flavor stakes. However it is just as power hungry, which is a little surprising, running both tanks on the same device I found they both produce their best vape ( for me) at 45 watts ( I could run both higher & tested it but found the vape uncomfortable, with no better flavor produced).
    Quite a surprise for me, since most 0.8 - 0.9 ohm coils I'll use at around 20W, any higher & they usually start to give a burnt flavor, the Ceramic obviously doesn't burn like cotton wick but that doesn't explain what happens when using silica (which also doesn't burn).
    So in terms of run time on my batteries there is not going to be any difference using either, 45W is 45W no matter what tank you use.
    The 2 main advantages the CeraBis offers are :
    1. Better flavor
    2. No need to change wicks/coils
    With the ceramic wick, all you need to do is dry burn the coil to clean it & it is as good as new again, this makes the coils very long lasting, if the coils in the SoTer are anything to go by (which I don't see why they wouldn't be), the CeraBis coils should last, at least, for 2-3months of continuous use.

    The Air Flow Control works well & it is possible to restrict the flow to get a proper MTL vape but this is not what the tank is really designed for & it works best with the AFC between 1/2 open to wide open for DTL vaping.
    The AFC stops at full open & full closed, while spinning freely between both with the right amount of pressure to adjust.

    I am told by the CeraVape rep. that the CeraBis can handle max VG without any problem, I do not use more than 40% VG when I vape so I didn't test that but I have no reason to doubt that it could keep up with max VG, given how well it performed for me.


    Given the problems mentioned above, it would be easy to think I didn't like the CeraBis tank but nothing could be further from the truth.
    The CeraBis is without doubt, the tank that has produced the best flavor of any I have tried, producing tastier vapor than the TFV4, SoTer, Griffin, Moonshot & Subtank Mini, just to name a few. It is currently the best flavor producing tank I own.
    Want clouds to go with that flavor?
    No problem, the Cerabis produces ample clouds too.
    The CeraBis is a very low maintenance tank, no wicks to change, no coils to replace every week or other week, just fill , vape & dry burn when needed, then fill & vape again.

    It does have a couple of Cons & IMO they are minor issues but that leaves room for improvement & perhaps a V2, though given CeraVape's track record, I would expect a completely new tank design (perhaps incorporating many of the CeraBis features) rather than a V2.
    The Pros far outweigh the Cons IMO, if I had to have just 1 tank for "vapergeddon" & it had to be non-rebuildable, then this is the one I'd take.
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    Thanks for the refill leak tip! I was about to throw it to the trash can! :cheers:
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