Christmas traditions

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  1. Annie

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    Jun 12, 2015
    Launceston, TAS
    Today we're making the puddings, and a boiled fruit cake. The proper christmas cakes are already made and put away in the back of the cupboard to "cure".

    So do you have any Christmas traditions? Do you hate it? Love it? Ignore it? It can be the best of times, or the worst of times. This year, some of my family have decided to volunteer at the community christmas lunch for those who are doing it tough. I'm proud of them, but a bit selfishly sad too.

    It was an awful time when I was a kid. It was so awful I still get worked up in the days before Christmas, waiting for the sky to fall in. Childhood trauma cuts deep and for a long time. I've been working through some of the historical trauma, and I'm hoping that this year will be different... time will tell!
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  2. DogMan

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    Jun 3, 2015
    S/E Melbourne
    Pretty quiet here.

    My family do the big lunch boxing day. So nieces and nephews can see other side of the family on xmas day. But I don't go to those.

    Xmas day, I'll cook for mum. We'll probably gossip about family, with a focus on her grandkids, what grades they are doing next year etc. It is pretty much a day to spoil mum, and let her know she is appreciated.

    The VCA kris kringle is fun.
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  3. Deadonarrival

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    Jul 3, 2017
    We are starting a new tradition this year. Christmas Dinner with friends! None of us really do anything with family due to various reasons so we fitired why not do it with the people we wish were family
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  4. Pippi

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    Jun 18, 2015
    Xmas as a child was pretty wonderful but turned to shit when my mum remarried - I was 12 or 13 and named him the step monster - Family Xmas's were quite shite after that as I loathed him.

    When I moved here to Vic we started the Orphan Xmas and lots of us, avoiding family would gather by the lake with food and drinks to share.
    I would arrive with Poodles ( little ones in those days) and Basil, my rescue cockatoo on my shoulder - Basil would only drive anywhere if he got the front seat and heaven help the Poodles if they dared breech the invisible line.

    Basil loved Xmas picnic by the lake & loved the abundance of food - But when we were done with food and partaking in a cheeky little champers - Basil would fly to the highest branch of the biggest gum tree - friends would freak out but I always knew a simple love call would have him sweep down and land on my shoulder - we would pack up the basket to head home - Basil would take front seat for the trip home and we would all have a lovely sleep.

    Boxing day would have us down at the local Poodle/Cockatoo accepting Pub - Basil would take a bar stool and greet punters with "Gidday Mate how the Fuck are you?" I would cringe and wish the floor would swallow me - but Basil the rescue cocky, even with the language he learnt in his travels would save the day when he would get right up to my face and say "I love you darling" and peck me on the lips and the bar crowd would crack up laughing - clearly it was love at first sight for both of us.....................

    These days I dont give a hoot about Xmas - I dont believe in God and family is mostly overseas, so thinking this year I will buy a special bottle of wine to indulge and cook something nice for me and all the Critters - other than that - its just another day. :)
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