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  1. Jupiter

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    Jun 2, 2015
    VaperCafe Australia requires that you follow these rules when listing items for sale on our site. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of your listing and/or a ban from the forum.

    1) Do not bump a classifieds thread to move it up the list, bid only if you can afford to pay what you bid. Anyone caught bidding on items they can't/won't pay for will be banned from the classifieds section.

    2) Selling of NEW items within the classified section will be permitted but will be monitored. Selling multiple new items will not be allowed, however the occasional piece will be. Vendors may not sell new items in the classifieds.

    3) Personal details and banking/paypal details, should ONLY be communicated in personal conversation & not posted in public. No bids or offers are to be sent privately.

    4) Listings must include the State/Location from which it will be shipped.

    5) Do not post unless you are bidding, asking a question about the item(s) on offer or providing additional information about the item(s) on offer; classifieds listings are not discussion threads.

    6) It is recommended that sales made using PayPal are made via the 'goods' option in PayPal to protect the buyer. The buyer & seller however can come to any arrangement they are both comfortable with.

    You agree that this forum, it's owners & Admin/Mod staff are in no way responsible for any purchase that goes sour through the classifieds. By placing a bid in any classifieds thread you are acknowledging acceptance of this indemnity.

    7) Nicotine or juices containing Nicotine may not be sold or traded on the classifieds and anyone breaking this rule will be banned immediately for 1 week. Subsequent breaking of this rule will see a permanent ban applied.

    8) If you are selling an item elsewhere you must declare that in the listing.

    9) Clones must be listed as Clones; if you are found to be trying to pass off a Clone as an original device you will not be allowed to use the classifieds in future & will be banned if you attempt to.
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    Jun 18, 2015
    Just a little bump :)
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