Digiflavor Siren V2 (2ml TPD compliant variant)

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    Jun 12, 2015
    Northern suburbs, Perth

    I think the expression that Mr.Dogman has used previously was a rolling review (or in my case opinions and observations) so I'm going to clone his use of words.

    Mr. DogMan the cheque is in the post.

    The reason I've chosen this approach is because I'm trying to resist the temptation of actually using it for the simple reason that I have that many tanks currently on the go it's getting both confusing and quite frankly a bit silly. Admittably management has been known to occasionally mention the word clutter and if I'm being honest I have to agree.
    I appreciate how this will sound when I've been banging on about this tank for so long but I am finding it extremely hard to resist so this approach may well fall over very soon.

    That being said I have had a good look at it this morning and built it. When I say built that's probably a bit of a stretch as all I did was fit one of the two supplied coils and wick it but it is now all ready to go bar actually filling it with juice.
    At least the Siren supplies more appropriate coils for the tank unlike the berserker.
    Each to their own and all that but that's my opinion anyway.

    As the picture above shows it comes supplied with a spare glass tank, 2 sets of different coloured o rings, 2 X 1 ohm slightly spaced coils, a 3 way screwdriver and 4x spare slotted post screws. No cotton or wire.
    The user manual is extremely basic with only 2 pages of relevant information which would be of little to no use to somebody trying to build for the first time. It also makes no mention of what the coils are actually made from or what resistance they are but I'm assuming 26g kanthal and they're showing 1.06 ohms on my mod. However the user guide seems thick being due to the fact that it must have every language known to mankind contained within but fair enough it's not just English speaking people who vape. It could do with having a little more useful information though in my opinion.
    I know the internet is everybodys friend and definitely helped me in the early days but reckon I'm just old fashioned. Similar story to when you buy a new phone..but I digress.

    Now onto the interesting part as in its quality and use.
    Well I can't actually speak of its use just yet but as its appearance and build quality I think it's going to be a winner. One thing I will say is I don't like the post screws as they're slotted. That could just be personal choice but personally I find that slotted screws shear easier and don't seem to afford the same torque. The 3 way screwdriver is not the best being fairly short in the blades and very cheap feeling. I went to use it and immediately gave it away preferring to use one of my own screwdrivers. The tank itself feels very sturdy and well machined etc but I do feel the glass looks vulnerable. Of course all the necessary precautions could be taken and ultimately all glass is vulnerable if exposed as it is.

    Another point of note is the bottom o ring between the base and glass seems to have a life of its own and attempts escape every time the base is removed so probably worth being careful of that one. Perhaps it will be better when it's got some juice on it.
    Conversely the top o ring is extremely well situated and is much thicker meaning it actually holds the glass in very well, physically going inside it causing what appears to be an excellent seal holding the glass solid.

    The I/4 turn bayonet style top cap looks like an excellent idea and really does feel as secure as can be however one spare you don't receive is the silicon gasket causing the seal which I would imagine could wear out because obviously it's squashed when you push down and twist after filling.
    Considering its a 2ml tank it's going to have to be refilled reasonably often.

    I never stuff around with the 510 pin but it does protrude 1mm or so and has screwed onto everything I've tried it on.
    Don't know if it's adjustable and as I've already built it I'm not going to see... Sorry.

    There are several options in regards to airflow which I'm sure could accommodate anybody who buys this tank for what its marketed as being, a mouth to lung tank, but it is definitely that and without actually using it am sure it will never be anything near a direct to lung tank.

    Building it really is simple due the decks design having the post screws threaded horizontally and posts themselves at an angle to each other. The coil actually does just drop in but due to this design I suppose the Vaper is kind of restricted to what size coils can be fitted. Although bearing in mind the kind of tank it is I personally wouldn't have thought anybody would buy it and attempt to drop any 'crazy' coils into it in the first place.



    A couple of pictures of what I attempted earlier just to try and illustrate my thoughts. Please no hate mail I don't pretend to be any kind of master builder.
    I prefer this type of deck with the wicking hovering just off the base which seems to work for me.

    I should probably mention the size of the 2ml variant;
    Please note I don't own any digital calipers so these are measurements the old fashioned way with a tape measure.

    1/ top to bottom not including the drip tip = 44mm
    2/ diameter truly does appear to be 22mm and I have tried it in all my cage mods some of which only accept 22mm and it does indeed fit all of them.

    Probably can't really put any other thoughts into words as I need to use it to offer anything else but this may be of some use for anybody considering it.
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  2. Gasman

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    Jun 12, 2015
    Northern suburbs, Perth
    Currently using the Siren 2 but only from this morning so very early days.


    The draw is obviously and definitely MTL reminding me (from memory) of the original nautilus I think.
    In saying that I'm currently using it on its third hole finding the first too tight and the second not quite right.
    Unfortunately I can't tell anyone what that diameter is without googling it as the user manual,for want of a better description,doesn't tell me.
    But I suppose to be fair does anyone really care as I for one just set the tank up find what I'm happy with and forget it.
    I haven't tried all settings yet but will, I just wanted to give the tank a whirl.

    That brings me to what is in my opinion a gripe being the fact that I find I cannot adjust the afc without removing it from the mod.
    It's not overly tight but just tight enough to start moving the tank if it's on the mod. Once off no worries but on mine doesn't want to play ball.

    Not a hint of any sort of a leak and it's extremely easy to remove the top cap and fill.

    I didn't put a NET in but for some strange reason opted for Govapes B&H which I normally mix at 10%. It has certainly so far delivered on flavour and in fact I'm beginning to think that 10% could be too much for this particular RTA.
    Depending on which way you look at it I don't know if that's good or bad news but seeing as its marketed as a flavour tank I imagine that proves the point.

    I did experience some spit back earlier but I'm unsure at this stage if that's my fault or simply circumstances rather than a problem.
    Time will tell with that one.

    So far I'm happy with it and will post an opinion soon.
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  3. Gasman

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    Jun 12, 2015
    Northern suburbs, Perth
    I've been using the Siren 2 now for a week or so and can honestly say I've been very impressed with it only experiencing one little problem.

    I've been using it on the Smoant Knight V2 finding them an excellent pairing even for bringing to work.


    I did initially experience some spit back but am thinking that could possibly have been user error on my part. The fact is after roughly 3/4 of a tank that disappeared and it has performed exactly as I wanted and expected ever since.

    Obviously I refilled it several times and the spit back never returned so perhaps I needed to break in my build or something?
    Talking about refilling it's an absolute breeze requiring a quick quarter turn and a little push down which is very easy when on the go.
    The 2ml capacity is absolutely no problem due to this and the way it performs.

    It's also very easy to build with my thoughts being even someone very new to building could accomplish after a little research. However as mentioned above the user leaflet is lacking in useful information which I consider to be a bit of a mistake on Digiflavors part.

    I settled on the 3rd single hole only but unfortunately I still cannot say what the diameter of that hole is. I've had a quick search and know the information is out there but quite honestly I thought anyone who buys it would adjust it to their own preference anyway.
    Personally I found the third hole a very flavourable and dense vape with a good throat hit, possibly termed as an openish MTL.

    Not any hint of a leak or any seepage. It's been upside down and on its side for periods of time in my top pocket at work with no leaking whatsoever.

    I certainly rate it above the berserker in all departments and personally I've got no problems in recommending it unless of course you are a dedicated DTL vaper in which case it wouldn't be for you.

    It's an RTA that I'd probably buy again because quite honestly it just works for me exactly as I like.

    Another 2.5c worth.
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