Diverticulosis/itis and other bowel conditions and nicotine

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    Hey guys, I'm starting a thread to post/pool my own research into the effects of nicotine on bowel conditions such as diverticulosis which I have been diagnosed with after a painful and scary episode of diverticulitis in July 2016.

    The claim so far is that nicotine works as an anti-inflammatory which can help a number of inflammation-related issues but in particular inflammation of the bowel IE diverticulitis, Crohn's etc.

    My anecdotal report is that my personal situation is quite good as far as it's all concerned. I was lucky not to need surgery at the time and my symptoms have gone to virtually non-existent now. While I haven't determined that it's the nicotine I've been having since then, it's a big point to look into further and could easily help the progress of nicotine vaping in Australia.

    Also worth noting that nicotine has been suggested to assist with neurological issues like ADHD which is another condition I've been diagnosed with along with Asperger's which hasn't been linked to nicotine but I may also put research here I find on either or similar from time to time.

    If anyone has anything, including anecdotal reports, feel free to share and I'll add it here :D

    Inflammation issues

    Neurological issues
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