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  1. Chris FV

    Chris FV New Member VCA Approved Vendor

    Jan 15, 2017
    Hey Vaper Cafe,

    Chris from Freshness Vapes, this thread will be our stock updates section and if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask away here and we will help!

    I would like to say thank you once again to the great people here at Vaper Cafe,

    To Start off with some clearance items

    We currently have the following e-liquids for $5.00 each,

    Steamery 30ml singlers and 30ml doubler
    Vapour eyes 30ml singlers and 15ml doublers
    Just Tabac 30ml singlers

    You can find them over here:

    Moving on, we have fully re-stocked:

    Bogan Brews in 15ml and 60ml doublers
    Alpine Cloud Co in 15ml and 60ml doublers (60ml doublers will be up tomorrow night)

    We are also getting a kick arse supply and full re-stock of: (some are in stock some are sold out)

    Outerworld Vapour 15ml and 60ml Doublers
    Botany Bay Bottling Co 50ml Singlers
    Vagabond Vapour 15ml and 60ml Doublers
    Thats My Jam (Vagabond Vapour) 50ml and 100ml singlers
    Ant Hill Vapour 15ml Doublers and 60ml Doublers

    We plan on getting these fully back in stock by end of next week,

    We are also going to be taking on half of Mr Joph's Miracle Mist in 25ml Doublers shortly (trying to make space)

    We also have a kick arse super dooper new flavour we plan on releasing in the coming weeks,

    For now, good night

    Chris @ Freshness Vapes!
  2. Chris FV

    Chris FV New Member VCA Approved Vendor

    Jan 15, 2017
    Some big updates Vaper Cafe:

    We have fully stocked up on the entire lines on the following:

    Alpine Cloud Co 15/60ml Doubler
    Ant Hill Vapour 15/60ml Doublers (Also including their new flavour Citron Zest V2)
    Bogan Brews 15/60ml Doublers
    Botany Bay Bottling Co 50ml Singlers ONLY
    Vagabond Vapour 15/60ml Doublers
    Thats My Jam By Vagabond Vapour 50/100ml Singlers ONLY
    Outerworld Vapour 15/60ml Doublers

    Moving on we have now put together a very exclusive Freshness Vapes sample pack, this includes 1 of each of our famous flavours in 15ml doublers for only $49.95 ($59.80 if purchased individually)... This sample pack is very limited in numbers! 1 per order!

    We have new stock of:
    - 1ml Pipettes 5 & 10 packs
    - Pure Menthol Crystals 10grams & 25grams
    - 30ml Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottles Clear
    - 18650 Battery Wraps colours of the rainbow

    Also some great news, we are going to be putting together some bargain boxes for juice very shortly! This isnt your usual zample box with flavours you dont like, whats different about ours is that YOU get to choose what you want (where still working out a way though)...

    In other great news we plan on releasing 2 flavours in the coming weeks!

    Dont forget we offer easy mix for all E-Liquids

    From the team @ Freshness Vapes,

    Peace out and thank you!
  3. Chris FV

    Chris FV New Member VCA Approved Vendor

    Jan 15, 2017
    Okay okay, some of you already know whats up, this is our longest one haha, I have had to make a tough decision this week, due to the increase of our “Freshness Vapes” E-Liquids being rushed out the doors daily, we pushed back our same day shipping to 7.30am, but time is still not on our side anymore, in addition other business commitments (non-vape related) and most importantly family commitments, here at Freshness Vapes we are winding back our inventory levels to a very minimal inventory. We will be still be stocking a basic range of hardware which will be shown at the bottom, but we promise we are not going anywhere with our E-Liquids! The good news is we will be expanding our range once we clear up some space. Im going to cut to the chase now, we are having a massive sale like no other, and it will never be repeated again in history!
    So tell me whats on sale!!!!! Allot of stock is well well well below cost price!
    As many of you all know we have a pretty big bad ass inventory of E-Liquids from the best vendors across the country, well sadly there going to be going too, all E-Liquids (excluding Freshness Vapes’s E-Liquids)

    Alpine Cloud Co
    Ant Hill Vapour
    Bogan Brews
    Botany Bay Bottling Co
    Mizer Lube
    Mr Jophs Miracle Mist
    That’s My Jam
    Vagabond Vapour

    • Steamery@ $5.00ea
    • All other 15ml doublers/30ml singlers $9.95ea
    • All other 25ml doublers/50ml singlers $14.95ea
    • All other 30ml doublers/60ml singlers $14.95ea
    • All 100ml Singlers $19.95ea
    • All other 60ml/65ml doublers $29.95ea (Alpine Cloud Co, Bogan Brews, Outerword, VagaBond)

    Sale items: (we may have missed a few things in this list, but there all on the site)
    • Dynasty Limitless Mech Mods $175.00ea!!!!!!!!
    • Wismec RX200 $49.95each!!!!
    • Smok H-Priv $69.95ea!!!
    • Koopor Primus $69.95ea!!!
    • Wotofo Serpent Mini RTA $29.95ea
    • Geek Vape Avo 24, Wismec Theorem $29.95ea (spares $4.95ea)
    • Geek Vape Tweezers $4.95ea
    • Comp Vape Twisted Messes RDA Black & Gold Edition $49.95ea
    • Comp Vape Chuff Caps $4.95ea
    • Efest LUC 2 Charger $24.95ea
    • Efest H2/H4 Battery Cases $1.00ea/2.00ea
    • Vape Sox VS4 & VS5 Mod Holders $19.95ea
    • Vape Sox VS6 Mod Hodlers $29.95ea
    • Lint Mod Sock Black/Grey $4.95ea
    • Iwodevape RX200 Leather Protective Sleeve Black/Red $2.00ea
    • Zirconia 510 Drip Tips Ceramic Black/Pearl White $7.95ea
    • Rainbow Anodized Stainless Steel Glass Sleeved 510 Drip Tips $3.95ea
    • Dot Mod Clone Friction Fit Drip Tips $1.00ea
    • Dynasty Drip Tips $34.95-$39.95ea
    • Replacement Ceramic Needle Tweezer Tips Black/White $1.00ea
    • Stainless Steel Folding Scissors $2.00ea
    • UD Micro Wire Cutter $6.95ea
    • UD Cotton Hook $4.95ea
    • 5 Hole Tank Stand $9.95
    • 7 Hole Stand $14.95
    • 10 Hole Stand $12.95
    • 510 Tank Stands $2.00ea
    • Smok TFV4 Mini Full Kit $29.95ea
    • Smok TFV4 Coils 5packs $19.95ea
    • Smok TTFV4 Mini Replacement Glass $2.95ea
    • Coil Master Cotton $1.00ea
    • Geek Vape Cotton $1.00ea
    • Coil Master Needle Tweezers $7.95ea
    • Coil Master Round Vape Tweezer $4.95ea
    • Geek Vape Tweezers $4.95ea
    ****** ALL GEEK VAPE WIRE ROLLS $5.95ea (Usually $7.95-14.95)********
    For the first 50 orders that have at least 1 roll of geek vape wire we will chuck in a bag of cotton for you!!!

    Now we have done a massive stock take to ensure everything is up to scratch, however before you rush over opening multiple browsers adding items to your shopping cart over 10 pages, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use only 1 web browser and go through one page at a time, otherwise you will overload our back-end and you will be unable to process your order. We are going to be working overnight these next few days, please only email us if it’s super important!
    Your tracking numbers will be emailed Sunday night/Monday morning for all orders placed between now and then, rest assure once you make the payment through PayPal we have your order and we can see it too, plus it gets allocated just for you!

    We will be removing stock online as it sells,
    Free Standard Shipping on all orders over $75.00 and Free Express Shipping on orders over $100 (excludes batteries).

    Excluded Items in sale:
    Freshness Vapes E-Liquids (don’t worry well have a sale on these in the future)
    Uwell Crown 2, coils and spares
    Efest LUC4 Charger
    Heavy Duty Battery Flask
    18650 Battery Wraps
    18650 Battery Insulators
    Samsung 18650 25R’s
    Empty Bottles Bulk
    Chubby Gorilla Bottles
    Menthol Crystals

    Thank you from all the boys and myself @ Freshness Vapes!

    3-2-1 GO!

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