Golisi IMR 26650 3.7V 4300 Mah Batteries

Discussion in 'Electronic' started by Rayjay, Jul 28, 2018.

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    I do not mind supporting the middle man at least an Aussie will make a wee $ out of the transaction. Further to this, every time in the past that I did try to buy mods from China and there were several attempts to do so and there were several faulty ones received. The vendor reply from China was:

    "So sorry, please send video etc," once sent and waiting for a week or more for reply (that is if they not gone walkabout with their numerous national holidays) they reply:" we send you replacement with next order" A month latter, if you do give them another order that is, you may get your replacement.

    I have never @ Noe had a single issue with an Aussie vendor. Send the faulty item back to them, yes I pay postage, and if faulty, they send me replacement back within a week and they pay postage.

    I do not mind having a middle man for this kind of courteous and professional service.
    Cheap Noe, is not always better.

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