How to fit a 510 Drip Tip into the Alpine (mini tutorial)

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    The original SyntheticCloud Alpine RDTA is fairly expensive to do this to, at least for the first time, especially if you mess it up, so for this I used a clone Alpine, which FT sells for about $14Au


    The Alpine is a well designed RDTA, which has both bottom & top airflow, with adjustments for both & has between the posts filling, which is sealed by the top cap, I haven't tested it yet but this should make it "leakproof" or at least highly leak resistant.
    I really just purchased the clone on a whim because it was so cheap, when I ordered my Gold OBS Engine RTA, because the design was intriguing. I already own the AEOLUS RDA & it has the same type of top airflow control, without the bottom airflow, however it uses a 510 DT & the Alpine (unmodified) uses a proprietary "chuff" cap which is also the AFC ring. I dislike chuff caps, so I thought about it & tested a few various 510DTs to see if I could get one to fit & make the Alpine work the way it should have from the factory.
    Another feature of the Alpine is that it can be used with a squonk pin, none came with the clone & I have not tried to fit one but the Original has a squonk pin available & the design of the clone is 1:1, except for having slots for the top airflow instead of 6 holes, which means the clone has more available airflow than the original (not that I'll make use of more than what the original provided).


    For anyone that may want a 510 DT to fit in this, I got one to fit after a bit of modification :)

    The way I did it was by using this Drip Tip


    The orings on that DT are too skinny, so I stole the orings off of the DT(which I don't use anyway) that comes with the OBS Engine and fitted those, if you don't have the Engine then orings that are about double the thickness of the orings on the new DT are what's needed.

    Remove the AFC ring for the top airflow & run a drop of juice around the orings as they are a very tight fit initially, then carefully slide the DT in or you could damage the orings. Leave this sitting in place for a while while you complete the next step.
    Next the originial DT/AFC is not going to fit in with the new 510 DT installed, so I drilled it out using a 9mm bit first then a 10mm bit.

    The DT is approx 11mm wide so even after the 10mm bit went through it needed more taken out but because the 9mm & 10mm both bit & grabbed when drilling, I decided to just use the 10mm to widen the hole. It was a slower process than using an 11mm bit but it was also more precise & probably a better idea because if the 11mm grabbed it could have ruined the AFC/DT.
    If you're confident then use an 11mm bit, if not then carefully widen the hole with the 10mm bit & check for size with the DT, this way you can get a tight fit of the AFC on the new DT.

    So now the AFC/DT is simply an AFC ring & the new 510 DT has a permanent home in the top cap on the Alpine's peak :D


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    Looks good m8 :thumbup:
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