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    The iJoy RDTA Box From Heaven Gifts

    A not so technical look at this device.
    Advanced vapers will already be aware of its capabilities, my product insights are geared toward beginner and intermediate vapers.

    Mod Overview
    An RDTA Box Mod (AIO Style) providing 5-200 watts with a 12.8 ml capacity built in tank. Firmware up-gradable. Uses dual 1860 Batteries.
    Resistance Range: 0.05 - 3 ohm. Temperature Control. Numerous deck and coil options. Compatible with both iJoy Limitless classic edition and iJoy Combo RDTA's.
    RDTA stands for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomiser.

    Designed for more advanced vapers wanting long battery life, huge e liquid capacity and a multitude of interchangeable decks and coil building options.
    Easy to use pre-made coils are also available. Please visit Heaven Gifts for an in-depth overview and a list of compatible add-ons.

    I must admit when I first unpacked this Mod, my initial reaction was something along the lines of - "It's huge and I seriously doubt I will ever use it". Well, I was wrong.
    Whilst it may not be my first choice when heading out for the day, it certainly has earned a spot on the table, along with the 2 or 3 other Mods I use on a daily basis.
    Okay, make that 4 or 5.

    There are two primary features I love about this device and I'm fairly certain most vapers would agree. The ability to use two 18650 batteries provide all day vape time and the tank..
    Oh yes, that 12.8 ml cleanable tank is a thing of beauty as it's so, so practical. For the longest time I've been using 2-3 ml capacity tanks. Yes, I was missing out.

    What the RDTA Box has to offer -

    IMC Interchangeable building deck
    More than 10 decks to choose from
    Diameter 15 mm Wide Filling Hole
    Delrin and Stainless Steel chuff cap
    Built-in 12.8 ml tank with LED light
    NI/TI/SS temperature control
    Unique Custom User Mode
    Firmware Upgradable
    Cool GUI, easy to operate

    Size: 28 x 55 x 105 mm
    Output Wattage: 5-200 W
    Output Voltage: 1-8 V
    Output Current: 1-45 A
    Resistance Range: 0.05 - 3 ohm
    Energy conversion rate: 95%
    Battery Type: Dual 18650(not included)
    Tank Capacity: 12.8 ML
    Screen: 0.96 inch OLED

    Included in Box:
    1 x RDTA BOX MOD
    1 x IMC-3
    1 x IMC-Coil 3 pre-made coil
    1 x Screwdriver
    1 x Manual
    1 x USB cable
    1 x tool pack

    Of all the Mods I've owned or tested, I've never had so much flexibility at my disposal. There are additional add-on RDTA's such as the Limitless Classic Edition (pictured below)
    as well as numerous decks that can be purchased, offering a multitude of coil building options. In short, it's a builders dream machine and hence the sort of device that can make
    a non mechanical type become a tinkerer overnight. For those that love to fiddle with gadgets or make things, this device should really be on your short list.

    This Mod was designed as a joint effort by iJoy, Heavens Gift and an American vaper-reviewer (Richard Mallard) known as "Twisted with 420", hence his logo
    appears at the bottom of the device.

    Important Note: This Mod is not for a beginner vaper. I should mention that although there are many options for the advanced vaper, this device can be used
    utilising a variety of decks and pre-made coils. Therefore, whilst it may be suitable for an intermediate vaper with a clear understanding of oHms law,
    I'd probably feel more comfortable if one was to further their experience using a less powerful device.

    After using this device for two weeks, I can honestly say that it's not only sturdy and well designed, but it vapes exactly the way you would like it to; very well indeed.
    As with all Mods, performance is primarily gauged by the electronics and or by the settings and the quality of the coil build. Although I've been quite content using the
    basic configuration with the pre-made coil and the included standard deck, I plan on 'tinkering' with it over the coming weeks and will update accordingly.

    Further Thoughts On This Device:

    The majority of advanced vapers will be familiar with its capabilities and thus, what to expect yet, there's often a few surprises under the hood.
    In the case of the RDTA Box, I certainly underestimated the sheer power and flexibility and it was a most welcome one.

    Although the Mod is capable of 200 watts, for many vapers, especially those that are accustomed to vaping around 15 watts or so, 200 watts may be far too much to handle.

    Personally, I've been comfortable using between 40 and 50 watts, and talk about clouds! The flavour is terrific, far more so than virtually all of my other tanks, even with the
    standard deck and pre-made coil pictured below. However, I look forward to experimenting with the additional add-ons; in particular, taking the Limitless Classic RDTA for
    a test drive. I've heard some excellent feedback on this.

    The fire button is nice and large and clicky. The screen is sufficient size and very clear. The menu system is well designed as is its navigation. I haven't used the temp control mode yet.
    I love the large fill hole for the juice, just pour the bottle straight in, no need for nipple caps or needle bottles here.
    When the Mod is activated, a bright light illuminates the whole inner top tank section that can be viewed through the holes in the side of the tank.
    The slide down battery cover is nice and firm too. It's a tad heavy overall yet there's a sense of quality and comfort in that.

    The are numerous positives to owning a Mod of this nature and really only one negative I can think of.
    The fact that it is so versatile, has enormous juice capacity and one need not refill for at least a day or so, is sufficient justification for its purchase.
    As far as the negative goes, in fairness it is not really a negative at all. Yes, I am referring to its size. Being that it is in fact an AIO (all in one) and that it provides the user with such a
    massive tank, its size is to be expected and quite frankly, it took no more than an hour or two to become accustomed to it.

    This Box Mod is a great example of a device whereby one can build on one’s experience. Yes, pun intended. Given that it offers us an unlimited array of options, furthering one’s education
    and as such, better understanding the mechanics and principals of vaping, makes it not only a fun device but a practical one too.

    The RDTA Box is currently available from Heaven Gifts for around $113.00 AU. More entry level Mods are available for less but for as they say.."You get what you pay for"
    and when it comes to this device, you really get a whole lot of Mod for your money.

    Thanks go to Christina and Heaven Gifts for sending me this Mod.

    This insight is also posted on my blog - https://thevaperstablecom.squarespace.com/e-cig-mods/ijoy-rdta-box
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    Nice review, Charles. Glad you like it too

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