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In need of advice.

Discussion in 'Mechanical' started by Luke G, Sep 8, 2016.

  1. DogMan

    DogMan Mutley

    Jun 3, 2015
    S/E Melbourne
    people seem to think new to the forum means new vaper


    i was rebuilding on mechs one month in, luke will be fine :bowdown:
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  2. rupert

    rupert Crazy Chemist

    Jun 15, 2015
    NE NSW and SE QLD
    Not at all Doggie.

    I drew it from the OP where Luke said "i only use tc mode with packet coils", which read to me as just that - he only uses packet coils.

    In terms of mechs and bang for buck - a Noisy Cricket is amazing.
    Series, Low voltage drop, and Hybrid connection. Also small form factor.

    Fat Daddy Vapes do an "upgrade" kit that comes with a copper 510 piece to change it from a hybrid.
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  3. Luke G

    Luke G Member

    Sep 4, 2016
    I only use TC with packet coils for my Crown as i find they last the longest.

    That was my bad, I should have been clearer.

    I do build by own coils and am familiarizing myself with battery safety etc.

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  4. rupert

    rupert Crazy Chemist

    Jun 15, 2015
    NE NSW and SE QLD
    My misinterpretation too mate :)

    All good. Looks like your good to go. There isn't a lot to know about mech's, but the little there is to know is important.
    At the heart of it, just ensure that your coil build is not overdoing your batteries Amp limits ;)
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  5. Noe

    Noe Adorably quirky ... QUIRKY Noe! VCA Approved Post Whore

    Jun 2, 2015
    Many of us "old school" vapers "cut our teeth" on mechs because there simply wasn't a better alternative. Now there are much better regulated mods & mechs are a dying breed, hardly anyone I know now that vapes uses mechs regularly.

    As the others have commented, I prefer regulated mods, for safety, consistent output, ease of use & knowing that not much can go wrong even if I make a mistake.
    With mechs if you make just 1 mistake, you could end up holding a pipe bomb, if you read media articles about "exploding ecig batteries", you'll see that nearly every case of an ecig explosion involves a mech mod, so don't take the advice to know about battery safety & ohms law lightly.
    Personally, I recommend, that if you are determined to try out mech mods, that you start with a single battery mod as these are a bit safer than multi-battery mechs, when you are comfortable with that, then look at something with longer run times in a mech if you're still interested.

    A mod that isn't really a mech but has fewer electronics & less functions than most other regulated mods, while still retaining the safety features of regulated mods. is the Ijoy Maxo Zennith mod, it's also very reasonably priced & takes 3x 18650's. I own one of these myself & I love the simplicity of it, no screen, no up/down buttons, just a dial (called a lightning switch by Ijoy) to change voltage & a fire button, it's as close to a mech as you can get without actually being a mech mod.
    Here's a short video review of it :
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