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    Just thought @margyb @The Vaper @Jennifer might get a giggle from this

    quote: "
    A Central Texas man issued an urgent warning Thursday after he said his vaping caused a serious lung condition.

    Considered by many a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, electronic smoking devices have snowballed in popularity in recent years. While some advocate on their behalf, others have spoken against vape devices.

    According to a 2016 report from the Surgeon General, nicotine exposure from e-cigarettes can still cause addiction, potential lung issues and harm the brains of adolescents.

    "I don't think that we know everything we need to know," said Dr. Paul M. Cinciripini, director of the Tobacco Treatment Program at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. "But, I do think we can say less harmful is not harmless."

    Tommy Lowrance, a professor at McLennan Community College, developed a condition called "Popcorn Lung" after starting to vape for a short period of time in order to help quit cigarettes. Now, most likely as a result of the chemicals found in those e-cigarettes, he has to use an oxygen machine to function. And, his lungs are in worse condition than people who suffer from some of the most severe lung diseases.

    "I can't exhale air out of my lungs at all," Lowrance said. "I have about a 20-percent lung function. For most Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients, say, they have far better lung function than me."

    Lowrance has been treated by some of the best lung doctors in the world. And, although, they cannot say definitively that his condition came as a result of vaping -- simply because there is not enough information available yet about long-term effects -- they all agree it was most likely the cause.

    "I think many young people are still going to choose to do it, but I would pray that they would heed the warning that my life should be an example of what not to do," Lowrance said. "The bottom line is we just don't know what were putting into our bodies, and if you are going to take the risk, this could be the result."

    " end quote
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    Ah Texas, big state. Big enough to contain many big dick(head)s. AFAIR it has several educational institutions accepting bucket loads of money from funds (sourced from the MSA?) that might as well be titled the "Find fault with vaping" fund.

    Dale Mantey, another rabidly anti e-cig uni guy from Texas who then turned to politics, helped Vivek Murthy get sacked for his e-cig report (by writing parts of it).

    Having said that, there are a lot of the elements of this story that seem familiar to me, I note the recent date, but it sounds like one from 18 to 36 months ago. Anyone else recognise it? The one I'm thinking of, was that they guy had smoked heavily for decades, and only begun vaping (on a non astonishing device) months before the diagnosis. The general view was that the smoking had caused the popcorn lung, and he'd only started being assessed after he'd stopped smoking. That story slipped into the background with nary another whisper.
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    :rofl: Reminds me of the old guy who told me I should stop using 'that thing' or I'll get pop corn in my lungs....this was said while he was chain smoking Winnie Reds. :sillygrin:
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