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    @KayP @Rayjay - thanks. There was a big article in our local paper the first week I was vaping and off the cigs, its headline was "Vapers in Australia risk fines or even jail...".. Well it freaked a few people out close to me, saying things like "I don't want to have to visit you in jail", etc. I read the article. It was sensationalist rubbish, designed to make smokers fearful and not want to switch to vaping. In short, it was a rubbish headline. But the first few weeks it was a bit of work to convince family and close friends that:

    a) Vaping is a lot safer (healthier) than smoking
    b) Vapers are not likely to end up in jail (despite the stupid headlines) from vaping.

    Took a while, but family and friends are now on-side, and really happy now that I'm free of the evil analogs. But it is quite amazing (almost blatant) how much the powers that be (the Super nannies, BT, BP, etc) ignore the obvious health benefits under the guise of "vaping will renormalise smoking" or "it is a gateway to smoking" or "youth will take it up in large numbers", or "we don't know vaping is completely safe".. etc..

    One thing that keeps me off the cigs and vaping away is anger towards Super nanny, and relief about not paying them huge ciggy taxes anymore. Funny enough, if taxes on ciggies weren't so huge, then switching to vaping might not have been as attractive. But when I switched to vaping, I went from poor to rich, overnight :banana:
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