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  1. Dan Pott

    Dan Pott New Member

    Aug 5, 2017
    Hi all,
    Thanks for all your great information. I just have a couple more questions. What's the best way to store my unflavoured nicotine? Freeze it? If so what's the best way to defrost it?
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  2. Pippi

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    Jun 18, 2015
    Hi Dan, buy 100ml brown glass bottles fill to brimful put in plastic bags and then into a container. Store in freezer.
    Nicotine has three enemies - Light - Oxygen and Heat. Stored correctly it will last for years.
    Also be mindful that if anyone offers you Nicotine for sale here in Australia via Pm or anywhere on Facebook - run at a fast pace away from them. They are buying cheap pure Nicotine from overseas and cutting it down to make a profit illegally - we doubt anyone would do that here but please click on the report button and let us know if that does happen.
    There are a number of trusted overseas vendors and in the coming days we will list them.
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  3. DogMan

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    Jun 3, 2015
    S/E Melbourne
    It won't freeze solid in the freezer. Needs deeper temperature to solidify.

    VG will be very thick though. And best to let it come up to room temperature before opening the lid.

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  4. Gasman

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    Jun 12, 2015
    Northern suburbs, Perth
    Personally I have a little bar fridge and have been able to accommodate the storage of both important liquids.

    I store any overflow in the freezer compartment in a standard 'red dot' type storage container utalising 10ml Amber glass bottles.
    The majority I store in 50 or 100 ml Amber glass bottles in the door of the fridge which I modified with a piece of Perspex angled at 90 degrees to inhibit any disasterous bottom sliding.
    As mentioned above I normally let it sit for approximately 10 minutes on mixing day.

    I was sent some 100% VG nic by mistake once but this was rectified with interest by the company in question. The problem was that VG nic is much harder to work with so I mixed it with equal amounts of PG resulting in a 50/50 mix.

    Pippi has stated the enemies and I have some 100% PG nic which is almost three years old stored in the freezer compartment which is definitely still crystal clear and tastes no different to I remember it from when I first received it.

    There is some trusted vendors for nic but personally I have used Totally Wicked in the early days, my freedom smokes and Hiliq who have all delivered what I expected with zero problems.

    Hiliq were my last vendor and considering the price,speed and service of my order will probably be my go to vendors moving forward.
    If it ever becomes available in Australia I may rethink that but for the foreseeable future I probably wouldn't even look elsewhere.

    Hope that helps.
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  5. VapingNoob

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    Apr 6, 2017
    Ipswich QLD
    Gdy & welcome.

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