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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Noe, Oct 5, 2015.

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    Aug 1, 2016
    Eastern Suburbs
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    Jul 22, 2015
    Answer to what do I use.. My own product that hasnt been released "Yet" which I hope answers a few questions. It's not really like any other products on the market if you were to compare it I guess you could with jull or Erl device.
    High powered devices are not something I recommend and at the end of the day, ppl will see that theres no need for these products with what we have in store and there just as good when it comes to Clouds or Taste. I will share soon..
    Ps I have nothing against the devices that are safe etc.. but thats a long story I dont have time to explain right now.

    I'm curious Beau, what kind of device do you use? Are you still using cigalikes, or have you moved onto a tank system?
    I 1st designed a Tank system back in 2010 and had someone do the dirty on me and so I changed my designs to a whole new system which I'm yet to reveal as in the early days I was a little too trusting a lost "4 designs all at the same time", Lets just say its a hybrid system that I use.
    With my own liquid that has been well and truly tested.
    I originally shared the SUBTANK idea with KT and own the Trademark which I shared but didnt prevent them from moving forward and completely shafting me.. because I've been too busy dealing with Australian crap.

    Since you have been in the business for many years you will probably have a good understanding of your customers and their struggles and successes in quitting smoking. Do you find you still have your original customers coming back and buying cigalikes year after a year? Or do you find many of them move on to tank systems?

    Yes and No and as for the tank system it's a No Go on that, The New product I've designed and use is a lot different and safer....

    I've been focussed on helping ppl use my products and get off vaping and cigs Altogether..
    if that answers your question.

    I guess the goal for many customers would be to use the cigalike to help transition and quit cigarettes, and then give up the cigalike as well. Is that something you have found?


    I have read quite a few clinical trials on the efficacy of ecigarettes, the earlier ones using cigalikes alone generally came up with an efficacy rate similar to patches and gums...about 8%. Which is not that successful really.

    Mmm right but those reports are public knowledge and very limited there are many more tests and trials that will not be released until the time of approval is granted to prevent any further Political and Stakeholder issues or people using the information illegally to warrant their "Brand" or relabeled product which they have not gone through the motions of achieving themselves... If you know what I mean...

    The later trials done using tank systems came up with better results, slightly higher than traditional NRT products.
    I'm not commenting on this sorry. Ok... Its not the Tank System at all and people need to get with the program theres a reason some are suggesting this but I'll let you know a little secret it's a load of crap and comes down to ppl trying to take advantage of a good thing and wanting more for less without saying too much.. It depends on what "tank system" your referring to also it's not as clean cut as that...

    Yeah I'm being a little vague on this...for good reason.

    There was a recent trial, I could dig it up if you wanted to see it, where the participants used both and the results were that those using tank systems were far more likely to quit than those using cigalikes.
    Yep I know the one. I've said enough on this topic..

    But I would be very keen to see the results of the clinical trials you are referring to, as it sounds like your results must be quite different.
    They will be public knowledge soon enough but until then I really cant share that.

    I hope I answered some of your questions...for now.

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  3. Noe

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    Jun 2, 2015
    It's easy to dismiss all the efforts of advocates, while providing no factual evidence of your own to support your position.
    Yes we know you say you don't trust people & that you apparently got screwed on 4 of your designs but we are not asking you to share your new designs with us. We are asking that you share information that you seem to have that no one else knows of, according to you, which apparently means we are fighting the wrong battles because we lack of it.
    Surely anyone truely interested in helping us fight to have vaping's legal status changed, would want to provide us with the ammunitiuon we need.

    Forgive the cynicism but from where I stand ( & I am willing to bet 90%+ of the people reading this thread & others you have jumped into), what I see is a guy that wants to promote his products as being the "best", while down playing competing products & asking us to blindly follow his lead, trusting his word above all others.
    Sorry but that was never likely to happen, not on a forum of free thinking adults, perhaps if you went to preach to kindergarten children you may sway higher percentages of the population to your mantra.
    Seriously, don't treat us like idiots & we won't dismiss you as a fool.
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  4. Noe

    Noe Adorably quirky ... QUIRKY Noe! VCA Approved Post Whore

    Jun 2, 2015
    You're welcome, I enjoy trying to give other vapers the facts they need to improve their vaping experience :)
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  5. Pippi

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    Jun 18, 2015
    Yes, not many of us blindly follow - thanks Noe. :)
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  6. Beau Pracilio

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    Jul 22, 2015
    Yeah this is the kind of reply I expected..
    I tried to engage with your Leader but he didnt bother to reply... So I tried again... No Reply.. So what would you do when someone doesnt want to know or care to find out what you know or how you'd like to support the cause?
    Having said all that?
    I also recall informing you I had some test Samples left over I would flick you some just for you to take a look "Not" rip apart and show the world.."Thanks" For that by the way.. Remind me not to send you any others, I also dont recall saying they were the "Best In Class"... Maybe One of The best but certainly not 'THE BEST" They are one of the Safest I can and will guarantee that, & being one of the Only Brands that has their consumers protected says something as many dont and still remain to have insurance for their Brand which says something..
    I dont treat anyone any different then the way they treat me its as simple as that. If you want to treat me like an idiot "Fool" generally I'm not interested in anything further you have to say.
    Tell me what you wouldve done had you Pulled Our 1st Gen vapor apart and spiked the battery or arced it out and ended up with acid burns?
    or Blind because you had the mist spray into your eyes?? or Something along those lines?
    What would you have done then???
    Are you an engineer ? I dont recall being told you were going to rip the units apart and show the world...If your going to pull things apart you might want to Ask the person that provided the "Free samples", if it's ok first before you do what you did.
    At least have suggested some kind of improvements or asked some questions.
    Unbelievable where your heads at mate, and what exactly would you do with any of the information I provide you with anyway?
    Because from the latest submissions I've read with the Suggested Nicotine strengths etc are a "Joke" the initial suggested % I noticed was 7.4% by the same person I suggested I contacted earlier... Do you know how much 7.4% is? Thats "74mg" Let me say that again "74mg", straight out of a doctors mouth he suggest that..I couldnt believe what I was reading.Then to suggest he had a prescription for nicotine for 3months, Tell me something how much is 3months supply? and who states there qualified to supply 3months supply and what do they suggest?
    I'll be waiting to see what you come back with.... on that one..
    Now I see its 3.4% which is 34mg hmmm UK limit is at 2.0% ehhh who cares Australia with heavy regulations "Already" will allow 3.4%.... We'll see.....
    So how do you see that playing out even if it is approved? Love to know your answer to that..
    On that note Do you even know the Safe level of nicotine in an 8hr period or the ratio per person or how to work it out?
    I'm dumbfounded that people are so ignorant jumping to conclusions and assuming they know everything and just don't "Get It", as to why some ppl "Myself" are being a little over protective about the information.
    I guess they would prefer That Big tobacco Companies just took over and provided their products and Cartelled the supply in Oz..
    Like the Voke that was apparently being authorised which everyone was lead to believe when in fact it was the evoke...That was first approved...hmmm
    How much of a difference was made in NZ recently? Zip! That's how much, The SA committee for Ecigs has anyone even read that garbage?
    This is why I wont release anything without those I release information to signing an NDA and I know them.
    Take care.
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  7. Beau Pracilio

    Beau Pracilio Member

    Jul 22, 2015
    Just One Last Thing I'm Not Repeat "NOT" making any Great CLAIMS to fame about any of my Products at All, Only that they are designed & manufactured to the expectations of Australian's as Far as Safety and Quality is of Concern.
    Our New device is a little different it might not be every ones cuppa tea, But it will do the trick for a lot of people, I hope.
    There are over 1500 different variations of the same old operating system, and anyone that thinks that Vaping has really improved with whats currently available just doesnt understand the way they work.
    Sure They come in all kinds of different shapes, sizes and power supplies including Bling, some even play itunes...but how much have they really changed...? I'd love to hear what ppl have to say about that suggestion..

  8. Noe

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    Jun 2, 2015
    Wait I have a leader now?
    I am an independant vaping advocate. See this is your problem, you make too many assumptions & provide too little factual information, while telling porkies.

    Mate, quit telling porkies & quit crying foul, when none was commited.
    You knew full well that a review was going to be published on VCA, the proof still exists on this forum & I still have our PMs, which I am happy to display for all the world if you want to keep this BS up.

    I don't need vaping gear, never needed what you sent me & didn't use it beyond my testing & review, I have gear that is far superior.

    Why do I need to be an engineer to understand the basics of how something works?

    Now you are just taking the piss & having a cry because your "secrets" were revealed publicly.
    As far as taking apart a carto goes, this is nothing that was ever going to reveal "trade secrets" or proprietary workings, cartos have been around for a long time & their innards have been disassembled on youtube many times but keep having a cry about that one because we all see right through your profiteering motives for not wanting people to know how to refill your cartos.

    You can legally obtain a prescription for nicotine in Australia, for up to 3 months supply, the dosage is worked out between the patient & the Doctor & any compounding chemist can fill the script.
    You might want to read more, it's amazing the facts you'll discover.

    Not at all, which is why we share information to be better armed to fight for the cause.

    This is the type of action that hampers efforts to make vaping legally available in Australia, unless it is by "Big Tobacco" or by closed proprietary systems, exactly the kind of choice we do not want.
    We want open systems that allow the users to be in control of their own choice, not systems that must use one particular tank or device to be useful or nonrefillable, disposable cartos/tanks.

    It is quite obvious that your product's system is of the closed variety, you want people to use a carto & dispose of it when it is empty, this model maximises profits, which is exactly what you are trying to do & why you are here whinging about your carto being opened up & shown so that vapers can refill it.
    No amount of proselytizing by you is going to have people here believe otherwise, we see right through your nonsense.
  9. Adrian Grace

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    Sep 14, 2016
    Lynbrook, Victoria
    ..... Reaches for the popcorn......

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  10. Donna

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    Jun 10, 2015
    FYI, In Australia the Voke was put to the TGA and it was refused assessment. Nicovations took the TGA to court and won. The EVoke has never been put up.

    AFAIK, in the UK, they put the Voke up first and it was approved. Then they put up the EVoke and it to was approved but I have a feeling I heard that it isn't on the market yet and maybe there is no plan to put it on the market as a medical device.

    I might be wrong about the UK but I'm sure about the facts in Australia.

    EDIT: Interestingly, the TGA was forced to pay about $250,000.00 in legal expenses incurred by Nicovations.
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  11. Donna

    Donna Senior Member

    Jun 10, 2015
    @Beau Pracilio In regard to putting something to the Authorities for approval on safety grounds etc, I assume you mean that TGA?

    If that is the case, was/is there a consultation period. The reason I ask is that the NNA's application to the TGA on nicotine only, resulted in a consultation period where anyone could make submissions....

    So I'm guessing you haven't applied to the TGA?
  12. Beau Pracilio

    Beau Pracilio Member

    Jul 22, 2015
    Since when did "cartomizer's" contain battery acid?
    I couldn't care less to be honest what you do.. It's the principal and general trust in Local's just doing the right thing...
    Porkies? Whatever mate...
    Good luck with what you just suggested and as far as using your own liquid with the track record already with ppl doing things arse backwards and trying to get away with whatever they can crying foul now that's laughable...
    Here's a scenario for you or a quick 101 lesson from me to you....
    You manufacture a device of your own which ends up being pretty popular you've just spent 7-8yrs in R&D at the same time your waiting on All your Certs and Standards to be achieved so you tick All the boxes before even releasing your first device, let's say this cost you, your house and hmmm I don't know say $3.5million, now you've just launched your first device and its specifically designed to use the cartridges and liquid for your device... Then someone decides to put their own home made stuff in it without any tests or anything assuming it's All ok, But it's not... let's say they end up sick for whatever reason... Who's liable and how's that going to make your product look? Do you think they would ever admit to using their own liquids in your device?
    Or just blame the machine they were using?
    How would you feel knowing ppl were using Meth or other substances in your device?
    Just wondering what your thoughts might be around that...
    As for having far superior products I'm sure you do I don't doubt it for a minute, As do I, I also consult for some manufacturers to improve different generic products that I'm not concerned about any more.
    This statement of yours actually made me realise Just how right I was and ignorant you can be-because we all see right through your profiteering motives for not wanting people to know how to refill your cartos......
    You have to be joking because for one their the cheapest option offering greater volume of liquid & two Did you not read the part where I pledged that we would donate a Big % Back into helping families & communities?
    I'm give up this conversation is going no where and nothing I suggest seems to make much sense and not understanding my position at this point in time is as frustrating for myself not being able to share as it is for those that don't understand why leaving what is already obvious, doubt and more assumptions about the facts..or "supportive evidence based findings" would be more appropriate over time.
    Anyway that'll do.
    I've noticed from the very start, there hasn't been 1 constructive comment or anything remotely supportive only criticism ect..would you share anything after All that..?
    All the Best.
  13. Wanda

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    Jun 2, 2016
    Mandurah WA
    ........Walks in sits down......
    Can i have some? You want a coffee? might go make one

    Well i thourght it was quiet a good review.
    Every one is different so they vape different and have there own opinion on things, i actually found it a bonus that the top could pop off and be refillable if i was in a jam this is a big positive in my mind and a big selling point mainly dew to the fact that it takes over a week for things to get to me in the post
    for the price it seams like a good cigg-a-like for someone just starting out and wants to give vaping a try or for a on the go, if it gets trashed doesn't matter device.
    I didn't see anything different from any other cig-a-like carto refillable or not i have both in the cubbord right now:scratch:
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  14. Beau Pracilio

    Beau Pracilio Member

    Jul 22, 2015
    I didn't say it had in Australia and I'm very aware of that
    If they had half a brain they would've checked the Patent approval time and the Time to prove the product throws the case out the window.... & what happen to the WHO FTCP directive to prevent Big T having any envolvement in Harm reduction mean while still killing ppl with there other products and getting done for fraud in ZA and corruption.
    What a F#%king joke.
  15. Beau Pracilio

    Beau Pracilio Member

    Jul 22, 2015
    Yep I did exactly what BAT did "Nicovations" :-/ in 2014 when we first achieved the standards we needed, But was knocked back because we couldn't prove the long term safety....... That was it..
    Everything else was in check.... As for their product being approved in such a short space of time well that just goes without saying doesn't it...
    It's shit like that just makes you think It's time to be a pirate....:taptap::wall::wall::wall:
  16. Donna

    Donna Senior Member

    Jun 10, 2015
    It's not approved Beau in Australia. It wasn't assessed and the refusal of the TGA to assess is what made Nicovations win court costs.
  17. Old Grump

    Old Grump Guest

    Jul 21, 2016
    This is more boring than a soapie on TV....
    Smoke NV:s claim....
    Smoke NV Cartridges
    Smoke NV Cartridges are designed to work with our Smoke NV Rechargeable Kits. These are sold in packs of 5 cartridges, where each cartridge is equivalent to approximately 25 traditional cigarettes. What a load of bullshit....each cartrige may last that long but the battery did not.

    This the sort of thingy that my wife purchased for me all those years ago in an effort to get me off stinkies. They were as useful as tits on a dead dog. Did nothing for me except spend more money on them than I would have spent money on stinkies. I soon sused out how to refil the carto's with Nic Juice which in those days came from N.Z. for $14.50 AUD for 10ml plus postage. The battery life for a chain smoker was crap and averaged to one battery = 3 -4 cigs. These placibo's were nothing more than a gimic and damn expensive one.
    I moved on to the Ego VV's and VW's and it was then with imported nic juice was I able to quit the tobacco crap. Selling any sort of this placibo in Australia without Nic IMHO is a total waste of time.

    Ok I have had my say, carry on squabling and I am going to find my small fiddle and play it for B.P.:violin:
    If I want a placibo cig I will go suck a dummy, I think B.P. has either lost his or totally spat it.
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  18. Old Grump

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    Jul 21, 2016
    .............Reaches for his mute button...when stupid comercials come on t.v.....................
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  19. Steve Thomas

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    Aug 10, 2015
    Hey guys. Just here to tell you that everything youve been doing is wrong. You have no idea what your doing. You have no business doing what youre doing. You dont know whats in your vape or the liquids, and you dont know anything about hardware,batteries, coils, or juice.

    I however have all the answers. I am also the only one in the world with all the answers. I am planning a monopoly on the Australian market for ecigs, but dont worry, i will make sure only my cigalikes are approved by the TGA, as they are far more superior a device than any of those stupid and dangerous ones you guys are using.
    I cant tell you anything about my cigalikes coz they are shithouse, and i dont want anyone to review my cigalikes, for fear the word will spread that my cigalikes are shithouse. You will have to take my word for it on everything i claim, and any person that wants an ounce of evidence to my claims, will not be allowed the evidence because its a secret that i cant even tell myself.
    Even your leader would not know what i know. I would like to tell your leader, but because i cant tell anyone what my ideas are, it would be pointless talking to your leader, because i wouldnt be able to tell him anything. Im good at keeping secrets.
    Great to have your full support and understanding. Follow me, buy my products, recommend my products, for i am the future of Australian vaping, because i said so. And dont forget, you know nothing.

    P.s. @Noe dont you know that taking things apart and putting them back together is dangerous and you may be at risk of ..... educating yourself! :rofl:
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  20. Adrian Grace

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    Sep 14, 2016
    Lynbrook, Victoria
    So glad to have found this thread, but the popcorn is starting to run out.
    Such mystery, intrigue and danger!!!

    One thing that I have discovered in my admittedly short time vaping is that we can tend to be a rather cynical bunch who can all too easily find information on all aspects of what we are doing, and get rather suspicious of anyone that tries to either withhold or modify such information.

    When you see the speed with which the Chinese manufacturers are bringing new models and new features to the market in a rapidly changing space, I suspect that the cig-alike of old doesn't have long for this world and will become irrelevant as the Pax and Jule style units will take over that space.

    The answer I don't think lies with the TGA certification of units, but of the liquid itself.
    Personal preference is then going to determine what units it goes in to, and anyone that is going to make those units is going to have to expect that its going to be pulled apart by someone else (whether for a review, or to be reverse engineered, or even modified beyond the scope of its original form).
    Even manufacturers of the liquids themselves have to be aware of the same scrutiny.

    I suspect that I have now made myself a potential target for return volleys, so I will make some more popcorn while I wait to see what comes next.....

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