Sydney Regency Vapour Lounge Limelight event - 7pm Fri 9 March

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    Anyone looking for the chance to buy a Gloomtem? Even if you're not, the Regency puts on a great event.

    ---------- (( LIMELIGHT LIME NIGHTS )) ----------

    We are proud to announce our very first LIMELIGHT MECHANICS event at the Regency Vapour Lounge, THIS FRIDAY the NINTH OF MARCH.

    We have a full schedule of events on the night. We also have a fun competition in play for the night, with the victor walking away with a HAKU, free of charge! Please read the post in full for more details.

    If you live in Sydney, Australia and are still looking to purchase your first HAKU please join us. We will also have several HAKUs available for purchase on the night.

    If you have been eagerly looking for an opportunity to score yourself one of the highly desirable Limelight Freehand mods, including the incredibly sought after GLOOMTEM, this is your perfect chance!

    We will be hosting an evening of 80's inspired vice to celebrate this event, with an abundance of citrus based mock-tails, delicious finger foods, as well as A LIMITED RELEASE LIME profile developed by renowned local juice maker, Simon Kemmis; creator of SLICK DRIPS.

    This event will kick off at 7pm in our very own Vapour Lounge, located at 81 REGENT STREET CHIPPENDALE.

    Last but not least we will be keeping an eye out for BEST DRESSED on the night. BEST DRESSED will receive a HAKU PHENOM/CRUISER RDA (their choice) as a gift (free of charge)! So be sure to dust off your finest Pastille suit, or those long forgotten BELL BOTTOMS.


    LIMELIGHT Event:

    The Regency Vapour Lounge
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    shit i missed it

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