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Discussion in 'Ask the Veterans' started by Adrian Forrest, Mar 17, 2020.

  1. Adrian Forrest

    Adrian Forrest New Member

    Mar 17, 2020
    Yep as per intro never have l vaped . Sad hey

    Now to the average joe blow this isn’t a big deal.
    But when the cheese and kisses and me are smashen 400 big ones a week it’s time to bring on the vape.

    And I am super keen to not pay our beloveds in Canberra any more tax and would like to EVENTUALLY give the burners the flick.

    So I have ventured into the unknown and bought some goodies .

    This is what I’ve payed for.

    Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit 1

    INN0032-15D Innokin Endura T18/T22 Replacement Coils x6

    Some (go juice) Nik base 80/20 VG/PG. 24 mg ,18 mg ,and 12 mg. All 500 ml quantity.
    This is what I haven’t got.
    Much idea how to get into mixen the magic .
    Done a bit of lookin around at doublers ???
    Now remember I have never vaped but smashen 15 smellys a day.
    So the bros over the briney are supplying the go juice and there reviewers are sayen just hook in old mate . !!
    Don’t need a doubler ???

    I told me girlfriend that once

    Yep you guessed it I wana try a doubler.

    Why ? because I can ,and I recon the missus will let me cloud up in the lounge room watchen Netflix if it smells nice.
    And she’s also into smoken the old lung lozenges and I want to turn her into a mastervaper as well.
    Smart hey ?
    Anyway live in the sticks in Qld and if you asked someone down the pub about Nic based doublers in 50/50 PG/VG to suit a Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit you would have to leave town. No deadset!!

    You might as well have the Coronavirus.

    Doubler >Was just after somethen nice and mild with a Bit of a sexy ,smelly ,fruity type thingy.

    Been doin the
    let’s buy another packet and pay a sh!t load of tax idea for 40 years
    so something that still tastes a bit like the old cancer sticks mate but with a nice surprise. Any favourites let us know.?!?!

    So I have read up a bit about throat hits ,MTLs , etc etc .
    But this is where I’m relying on you MASTERVAPERS to help a trainee out
    ?1 >if I mix 50:50 Nic base to my chosen doubler that should halve the mg of the base strength mg .
    Am I onto it ?

    ?2 > ok do I need to buy /add seperate VG PG given the VG / PG values in the base ?? 80/20

    ?3 > can the doublers influence PG/VG ratios, quality of the experience?

    ?4 >if the doubler thingy turns to sh!t can I just vape the base until I get it sorted without having to buy another packet of tax laden burners?

    ?5>Can I just carefully decant the base (remember 500ml bottles) into let’s say a half filled 100 ml bottle of doubler??If so how long should I let it steep before I use .

    ?6> recommended storage for Nic base / doubler.? Did I buy too much ?will it go off?
    ?7 Any tips on mixing hardware. Should I weigh or measure? extra stuff you might have used like eye droppers etc .

    ?8 anything else ya recon might come in handy .

    Ok I will hit the track and leave yous alone.
    Any tips MUCH appreciated.

    From ya old mate
    SUKHARDER ☁️☁️.

    PS , what do ya call ya mother in-law that vapes?? A threat to early inheritance ☠️

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