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    ATHRA will be undertaking a campaign in September at the introduction of the next 12.5% rise in tobacco tax excise. ATHRA's preferred hashtag is #Switch2Vaping.

    NNA AU will run a social media campaign in September based on the same underlying reason - the excessive cost of smoking & how vaping is much, much less expensive. Sidebar: smoking ruined my health, but ultimately it was the cost that made me determined to find an alternative.

    One part of our campaign will take quotes from ex-smoking Australian vapers that explain how much cheaper vaping is. We will use both the #Switch2Vaping tag as well as (I think much better) #Vapetember (this is based on Britain's 'Stoptober' but makes it more useful in that it informs about a pleasurable & achievable way to stop smoking, rather than .. giving a command).

    I have that side of it underway, but we could do with some extra graphics to support / promote the idea generally.

    Note that the main focus of the campaign is current smokers who are having trouble paying for cigarettes. If we can work health messages or (subtle) messages for the pollies into our graphics that'd be great, but I don't want to discourage smokers by mentioning that nicotine is illegal. The idea is to get smokers intrigued enough to get them into a vape shop or vape forum, not to turn them into outraged advocates or to scare them off before they even get that far.

    Any ideas?

    And if anyone feels compelled to create some pics, note that 600 x 600 image size works very well on FB or Twitter without the image being cropped, resized or being subject to other irritating side effects.
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    I think the financial perspective is a good one.

    I don't really bother advocating vaping to smokers, but I do say "I can't afford to do that (smoke)". For every daily smoker there's a tally of better things each and every one of them could have done with that money. I don't know any smokers who are flush with cash.

    I don't know how much others save by vaping, but for me it's about 95%. Tricky giving the breakdown without mentioning nic import tho.
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    woolies did the same as last year, reduce the price in august in preparation

    or maybe on JPS end?

    either way, mum's smokes were cheaper yesterday, just like last year

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