What Temperature Do You Vape At? And Why?

Discussion in 'Temperature Control' started by DogMan, Jun 26, 2015.

  1. DogMan

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    Jun 3, 2015
    S/E Melbourne
    If you use a temperature controlled/temperature protected vape mod, what temperature do you vape at?

    Is there any science behind your choice? I know not much solid information is out there on safety, particularly regarding temperatures of eliquids and flavours, but do you keep it low to avoid aldehydes? Or purely for the most satisfying vape experience?

    Do you perceive any dangers in vaping ejuice at high temperatures? Or the flavourings? Or certain wicking materials?

    What about your choice of coil material? Nickel vs nickel twisted with kanthal or titanium? Do you view one as safer than another? Or do you aim for a pleasing vape?
  2. ThrashR

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    Jun 12, 2015
    Currently got my taifun at 430F twisted 30g nickel with rayon wick, any range of watts has been working from 20-40 the taifun keeps up. The max temp when firing only ever gets to 320F
    The 'science' behind my build is just observation from getting a satisfying vape & long lasting clean coils. Though I haven't really tried to many other wicking materials.
    I am generally a fruit and menthol vapes type of guy, but I do occasionally go for a cream based vape. Made up a custom mix at the steamers which I am liking, but needs a few adjustments (Bavarian cream, Bourbon & Green tea)
    Nickel twisted has become the go to coil for me as I am getting a very stable resistance, that may or may not help to keep a better average temp on the coil. Biggest benefit is rewicking is a breeze now
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  3. laurie9300

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    Jun 2, 2015
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    I am running temp control with nickel and cotton on both DNA and YIHI boards.

    I am not concerned about any health effects as my body tells me I'm 1000% better of than smoking, but I guess it is in the back of my mind.

    Once I have a tank set up, I slowly increase both power and temp settings. I observe how the build is performing using a mirror app on my phone. You get to a point where you have enough power to get your coil to temp quickly, and the temp plateaus before hitting the protection limit. I have found these to be the optimum settings for any particular build.

    Set the power too high, and the temp can overshoot your setting quite dramatically before settling back down, this wastes power. Set the power too low and you experience slow ramp up.

    Set the temp too high, and you may never reach your temp limit. You also risk burning your juice and your cotton. Too low and you get a weak vape.

    Having said all that, there are situations where my build has not been suited to the vape I enjoy. If a build is wicking really well, the temp can plateau at quite a high temp and still not hit temp protection. This is were these boards come into their own! You can just turn the temp down to give you the vape you enjoy. If you tried to do this with a normal VW device you would experience slow ramp up, which can be annoying. This is also the case when it comes to your mood. First thing in the morning, you can dial up a smooth relaxing vape. Need a quick Nic hit, dial it up!

    The other noticeable side effect is flavour. A few degrees up or down can sometimes radically change the flavour of some juices, you can discover notes you never new existed, even with flavours you have had a long relationship with!

    For me, temperatures have ranged from 380-500F depending on juice, atty, and build.
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  4. Steve Thomas

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    Aug 10, 2015
    I started using TC on a joyetech evic vtc mini 75watt. I was using ni200 .15ohm coils in a crown tank. I have recently upgraded to a joyetech cuboid 200watt. I use ni200 .15ohm coils in a zephyrus v2 6ml tank.
    I love TC. Its simple and easy to setup and when you find that "perfect temp" to get the flavour you enjoy, it makes vaping so much better. I do find the perfect temp can vary from juice to juice.
    For the most part i vape high vg juices and find my temp usually gets the flavour flowing strong at around 500 - 530 °F
    This is never set in concrete though. Im not sure why but i tend to stick to farenheit over degrees celcius. When i adjust temp in farenheit there does not seem to be as bigger jump to the next temp. Not sure if i am imagining this though, but its just how i roll.
    Im not too bothered by using different coil types such as SS. Ok havent really put the differences between wire to the test yet. Im sure i will in the future. I figure i found something im happy with so why change a good thing. I do find the flavour a whole lot better using ni200 as opposed to kanthal. After reading a dr. Farsalinos article regarding metals being released from coils while vaping, i firmly am of the belief now, so long as your coils are juiced up and not getting dry hits, there is very little to worry about. Inhalation of gases released by heating up metals has been tried and tested by welders and metal workers for years with no real problems and it would seem at this stage that the levels of metals released into the lungs when vaping are of such a low level they are consider well below a cause for concern.
    Overall i love temp control and i recommend if you havent tried it to give it a go.
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